Collaborative Learning

What is Collaborative Learning?

Collaborative learning brings together small groups of people to achieve learning outcomes – either formal (i.e. academic research, education outcomes, problem solving or product creation) or informal (contributing to knowledge through shared life experiences).

The establishment of a dedicated Collaborative Learning team within our organisation demonstrates our commitment to lifelong learning and strongly aligns with our organisational values which are to be Visionary, Courageous, Collaborative and Accountable.

It also aligns with UrbanGrowth NSW’s City Transformation Life Cycle™.

Students are the future workers and residents of our city. Their aspirations, ideas and innovations are critical in shaping our major urban transformation projects into world class communities of tomorrow. We engage with NSW Universities, TAFE and schools to create strategies that will drive innovation, skills and knowledge.

We also work with these educational institutions to develop programs that will have positive and enriching learning outcomes for students, teachers and academics. Students at all stages of their learning have the unique opportunity to be involved in shaping the urban transformation of their community.