Central to Eveleigh

Urban Transformation and Transport Program

About the Central to Eveleigh program

The Central to Eveleigh program is about great city thinking that connects diverse and vibrant communities. UrbanGrowth NSW is the lead agency working with the community and stakeholders to prepare an urban transformation strategy with a vision, planning and design principles, and a delivery framework to guide future development.

Local residents have told us they love the diversity, creativity and friendliness of the local area and how close it is to the city. We recognise these great strengths as an opportunity to shape the future of the area.

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Study area

Program area


Study Area Snapshot

52,000 existing residents

29,000-56,000 new residents

14,000-25,000 new workers

Project Outcomes

The program has the potential to make a significant contribution to meeting the future needs of Sydney residents and businesses. Importantly, any future development will reinforce local links across the rail corridor, provide more open space, and create new community facilities and places for residents, visitors and workers to enjoy. 

We will deliver quality outcomes for the corridor.

  • Housing: We will provide a variety of housing to meet the needs of a diverse community.
  • Employment opportunities: We will build on the strengths of the area's education, knowledge, digital and creative services.
  • Transport and accessibility: We will improve the area’s connectivity and upgrade Redfern and Central stations.
  • Community infrastructure: We will provide a diverse offering of community facilities.
  • Heritage and culture: We will increase access to, and build on the strengths of, heritage and cultural assets.
  • Sustainability: We will demonstrate contemporary excellence in design that is socially and environmentally sustainable.
  • Public space: We will develop new space and revitalise existing space so it is safe and actively used, and contributes to a vibrant area.


Urban Transformation Strategy

The urban transformation strategy will drive the future of the corridor. It will be a blueprint for not just what shape the corridor will take, but how it will be achieved over the next 20 to 30 years. When complete, it will guide future decisions on rezoning and development.

UrbanGrowth NSW is building the urban transformation strategy through community and stakeholder engagement, expert advice, and in reference to existing policies for the area including the City of Sydney’s Sydney 2030 and the NSW Government’s A Plan for Growing Sydney.


Since 2013, the community and other stakeholders have helped identify the opportunities and constraints of the program, and more recently have helped develop a vision encompassing living, community, working and environment in the area.

  • Living: A place with a broad supply and choice of homes, including social housing, and active, safe and attractive public places to support social diversity and community connections.
  • Community: A place that celebrates its rich diversity, unique communities and heritage and gives everyone easy access to community and cultural facilities to build a sense of collective community.
  • Working: A dynamic and popular place to work that connects many types of businesses and offers the right balance and diversity of service, trade, digital, education, innovation and creative industries.
  • Environment: A place that responds to economic, social and climatic changes in ways that benefit quality of life and the quality of the environment, harnessing new opportunities to enrich the community.

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10 Key Moves

Ten key moves for the future of the corridor have been identified, which propose to:

  • renew Redfern station, connecting Redfern and Wilson streets
  • create a green network
  • create connections across the railway corridor
  • connect the city with surrounding places
  • deliver a new metro station at Waterloo
  • create centres of community activity around stations
  • create a centre for Sydney’s growing economies
  • strengthen arts, culture and heritage
  • integrate new high density mixed use buildings with existing neighbourhoods and places
  • deliver a diversity of housing choice and tenure and price points.

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