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About Central to Eveleigh

In November 2016 UrbanGrowth NSW released an Urban Transformation Strategy for approximately 50 hectares of government land in and around the rail corridor from Central to Erskineville stations. The Strategy was finalised after more than two years of studies, assessments and consultation with the community and government agencies.

The Strategy is a reference document for district level planning being coordinated by the Greater Sydney Commission.

The Strategy is guided by an ambition, vision and 10 key moves that set the framework for delivering more homes and jobs alongside better public transport, new parks and community facilities.

The vision for the Central to Eveleigh area outlined in the Urban Transformation Strategy is being realised through a number of linked, but separate, projects being led by Transport for NSW and the Department of Family and Community Services with support from UrbanGrowth NSW.

Project delivery

To facilitate project delivery, planning for each precinct of government plan is being led and coordinated as follow:

  • Redfern – a collaboration between Transport for NSW and UrbanGrowth NSW
  • North Eveleigh - a collaboration between Transport for NSW and UrbanGrowth NSW
  • Waterloo – led by the Department of Family and Community Services under Communities Plus, in partnership with UrbanGrowth NSW
  • South Eveleigh – led by the Department of Family and Community Services under Communities Plus
  • Central – led by Transport for NSW.


UrbanGrowth NSW is assisting government land owners to plan for balanced development outcomes to help realise the vision for Central to Eveleigh.
The Urban Transformation Strategy is a reference document guiding precinct planning and exploration of opportunities for:

  • Housing: deliver a broad and diverse supply of homes, including a long-term housing target of 5-10% Affordable Housing and new and more social housing
  • Public space: contribute to a network of interlinked, multi-purpose open spaces with good connections to where people live, work and visit
  • Community infrastructure: deliver a diverse offering of community facilities and services for community wellbeing, integration and placemaking
  • Arts, heritage and culture: celebrate the area’s diversity and increase access to, and build on the strengths of, arts, heritage and cultural assets
  • Employment opportunities: build on the strengths of the area's education, knowledge, digital and creative services and promote Redfern as a business innovation centre
  • Transport and accessibility: improve the area’s connectivity and the potential upgrades of Redfern and Central stations, and new Metro station at Waterloo
  • Sustainability: demonstrate contemporary excellence in design that is socially and environmentally sustainable and reduce car dependency


Over two years, the people who live in and around Central to Eveleigh helped to identify priorities for their neighbourhoods to shape a shared vision for the area.

  • Living: A place with a broad supply and choice of homes, including social housing, and active, safe and attractive public places to support social diversity and community connections.
  • Community: A place that celebrates its rich diversity, unique communities and heritage and gives everyone easy access to community and cultural facilities to build a sense of collective community. 
  • Working: A dynamic and popular place to work that connects many types of businesses and offers the right balance and diversity of service, trade, digital, education, innovation and creative industries. 
  • Environment: A place that responds to economic, social and climatic changes in ways that benefit quality of life and the quality of the environment, harnessing new opportunities to enrich the community.

Urban Transformation Strategy

The Urban Transformation Strategy is a key reference document that will help guide future growth on five precincts of government-owned land.

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