Green Square Town Centre

About the Green Square Town Centre Project

Green Square is set to revitalise the industrial edge of Sydney’s inner south into a vibrant global village. In fact, it’s one of the most significant urban transformation programs under construction in Australia. At the very heart of this area is the Green Square Town Centre, an important residential, retail, commercial, and cultural hub of the community.

UrbanGrowth NSW is a major landowner within this town centre and the lead agency collaborating with key stakeholders. We have entered a project agreement with the private sector (Mirvac Green Square) to develop the site. 

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Green Square Town Centre area

UrbanGrowth NSW program area

Project benefits

Green Square Town Centre will benefit the community by providing:

  • urban transformation
  • housing options
  • retail opportunities
  • employment opportunities
  • transport accessibility
  • affordable housing contributions
  • sustainable town centre public domain
  • community infrastructure.


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1,800 proposed dwellings*

1,800 of total 4,000 Town Centre proposed residential dwellings. *subject to change

6,000 new jobs*

*subject to change

$1.34bn end value*

*subject to change

Current Status

We've reached several construction milestones at the town centre including:

  • building the first high street, ‘Ebsworth’, which will be lined with shops, cafe and residential buildings
  • completing the basement excavation for the Ebsworth building
  • commencing excavation for the Ovo building.

Sales Enquiries

To ensure you are informed about the next stage of development and the next release of apartments at Green Square, visit the Mirvac website to register your interest.


Before the arrival of the British, the area was wetland and forest, a place for the Eora to hunt, fish and forage. From the early 19th century, its value as a source of water saw it developed for market gardens and the manufacturing of bricks, flour, cotton, grain and wool.

With commerce came houses, pubs, people, and the establishment of the new suburbs of Waterloo and Alexandria. New estates formed in Zetland and Beaconsfield, 'the working man’s model township'. Rosebery was subdivided to become 'Sydney’s model residential and industrial suburb', with parkland separating factories from homes. Victoria Park became entertainment central, with its own racecourse, recreational grounds and tote.

Gradually the millers moved out and manufacturers moved in, producing the goods that a modern metropolis required: stoves, baths, electrical goods and cars. But time and change are a constant, and soon they too made way for cleaner technology-based industry and a continuing stream of people, drawn to the gritty character of the inner-city locale.

Now a new future beckons, as Green Square transforms into Sydney’s global village.


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