Parramatta Road


The Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy is the NSW Government’s 30-year plan to drive and inform land use planning and development decisions as well as long-term infrastructure delivery programs in the Parramatta Road Corridor.

The Strategy is supported by an Implementation Tool Kit – a suite of four documents which will be used by a range of stakeholders including State and local government.

The Strategy and Implementation Tool Kit is given statutory weight through a section 117 Ministerial Direction (Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979). 

The publications below provide information how stakeholder feedback has informed the Strategy, a document hierarchy image, the Strategy and Implementation Tool Kit and reference reports and technical studies which have informed the Strategy. There are also Fact Sheets on each element of the Strategy and Implementation Tool Kit, newsletters translated into 10 languages and the consultation documents from 2015 and outcomes from that consultation period.

Informing Documents

How Stakeholder Feedback has Informed the Strategy

Urban Transformation Strategy and Implementation Toolkit Hierarchy

Strategy Documents

Section 117 Direction

Refer to section 7.3

Urban Transformation Strategy 2016

Implementation Plan 2016-2023

Urban Amenity Improvement Plan

Planning and Design Guidelines

Infrastructure Schedule

Reference Reports

Precinct Transport Report

Fine Grain Study

Social Infrastructure Analysis - Volume 1

Social Infrastructure Analysis - Volume 2

Sustainability Implementation Report

Economics Report

Sydney CBD to Parramatta Strategic Transport Plan

Fact Sheets

Strategy Fact Sheet

Implementation Plan 2016-2023 Fact Sheet

Planning and Design Guidelines Fact Sheet

Infrastructure Schedule Fact Sheet

Urban Amenity Improvement Program Fact Sheet

Technical and Specialist Reports Fact Sheet


Newsletter - English

Newsletter - Arabic

Newsletter - Chinese Standard

Newsletter - Chinese Traditional

Newsletter - Dari

Newsletter - Greek

Newsletter - Hindi

Newsletter - Korean

Newsletter - Tamil

Newsletter - Turkish

Newsletter - Vietnamese

Archive: 2016 Consultation Outcomes Report

Consultation Outcomes Report Snapshot

Consultation Outcomes Report (whole report)

Archive: 2015 Consultation Documents

Draft Urban Transformation Strategy - September 2015

Draft Urban Amenity Improvement Program

Draft Open Space and Infrastructure Schedule

Draft Open Space and Infrastructure Report

Draft Precinct Transport Report

Draft Urban Design Guidelines

Draft Sustainability Report

Community Feedback Report - May 2015

Draft Urban Transformation Strategy - Feb 2015