Edmondson Park Town Centre and Bardia Precincts


Housing affordability and diversity

Edmondson Park is a great example of how UrbanGrowth NSW is addressing housing affordability and diversity.

Edmondson Park is a major land release area in the south west growth region of Sydney, 45km from the CBD. The master plan for the area includes a new town centre, new residential areas, schools, community facilities, recreation areas and a regional park.

Edmondson Park Town Centre includes the provision by the site developer of a diversity of housing with a range of price points and dwelling types, including 15% of overall lot yield for moderate income affordable housing and at least 40 individual dwellings for seniors.

The site developer for the Edmondson Park Town Centre has committed to provide 20% of all dwellings across the site as incorporating Liveable Housing Australia silver level universal design features to provide housing that is appropriate for, but not limited to, seniors.

UrbanGrowth NSW has a commitment to develop Edmondson Park in a sustainable way. 

To do this we are:

  • working with the National Parks and Wildlife Service to re-vegetate the landscape and enhance the natural features of the area 
  • ensuring a diverse housing mix, ranging from large rural residential lots to smaller terraces and apartments 
  • establishing higher density housing close to transport nodes