Healthy communities

One Minto is a state-significant urban renewal project of a former public housing estate in Sydney’s south west, completed in 2016. This project is a showcase for social equity and environmental sustainability outcomes.

UrbanGrowth NSW partnered with the NSW Land and Housing Corporation and Campbelltown City Council – to transform Minto by providing greater housing and socioeconomic diversity, and by dramatically reducing the proportion of public housing from 100% to 30%.

One Minto has helped to address the issues of poor physical and social environment that have troubled this estate in the past. We have renewed how the suburb looks, and how people, streets and houses interact.

By renewing the look of the suburb through provision of quality local infrastructure and open spaces, scenic views and improved street aesthetic streetscapes, it has changed the way people view their local area, leading to greater social interaction and a safer, happier neighbourhood.

The project delivered:

  • greater social interactions between residents from various housing styles and tenure
  • network of open spaces, focal points and community facilities which provide for the active and passive needs of the community
  • network of pedestrian and cycle routes throughout the site which connect open space areas and community facilities for direct access and encourages walking and riding as an alternative and desirable method of transport
  • safety and security through passive surveillance of streets and open space areas by following the principles of ‘safety by design’
  • community facilities in line with the evolving needs of the community
  • sense of community and further develop the sense of place and distinctive identity; and 
  • provided complementary support services for residents during the period of change for the community

Other project initiatives included:

  • legible and functional road network which provides good connections with the surrounding areas and encourages safe and convenient access throughout the site;
  • integrated stormwater management system which improves the quality and quantity of the water entering and leaving the site, and which also harnesses the principles of water sensitive
  • encouraged environmentally responsible building practices including solar passive design solutions for all housing and community buildings.